Building the right product

Having the correct UX strategy is essential ensuring that the products a company creates value to both the company and its customers. The question often is, what kinds of products will do this? What products do our customers want? To help your company answer these questions and many more, we can design and facilitate a UX workshop that will bring to light the strategic insights needed to create the correct product road-map.  The delivery of our UX strategy services comes in two parts that can be delivered as standalone services or combined.

Strategy Workshop

To ensure that all the necessary information is gathered to create and execute the strategy, we will design and facilitate a custom tailored strategy workshop with key stakeholders based on a clear purpose and agenda.


    1. Design of workshop of process & activities, e.g. Balanced Score Card
    2. Onsite workshop facilitation
    3. Report of outcomes

Competitive Benchmark Audit

Before conducting the workshop, a deep analysis will be performed to accurately map out the competitive landscape of the companies and products that are relevant to seeing where opportunities are to gain a competitive entry into the market place.


  1. Detailed report of competitors
  2. Benchmarking Scorecard