Testing for Usability

Creating new products for you customers involves sometimes a considerable investment or time and money. And often times, the success of an entire business initiative depends on a single product succeeding. Consequently, it is important to verify with your users that the products you are creating for them are easy to use and work as they expect. Reviewing web analytics will only tell you WHAT users are actually doing. Performing a usability test will explain WHY they are doing things and HOW it is making them feel.

We can create a suitable usability test for your product at any stage of the product development lifecycle. In fact, it is advised to have some affordance for testing throughout all stages. A well designed usability test can uncover design issues and user challenges early in the development process BEFORE the product is released the market.

Moderated In-Person

If it is feasible to meet directly with your users, then going with a moderated in-person test will be the best option for testing.

 Moderated Remote

If having direct access to your users isn’t possible moderated remote testing can also deliver great results because of its ability to connect with users anywhere in the world. Thus it’s much easier to obtain a diverse sample set of participants.

Unmoderated Remote

Another option for testing is to simply direct your participants to your application with a set of tasks to complete and then capture there feedback when they are completed.

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Identify critical design flaws early
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Validate with target users before going to market