Bring your idea to life the fast way.

Introducing Lehner Digital’s Accelerated Design Documentation service – your pathway to swiftly crafting comprehensive design documentation for new software projects. Our innovative approach harnesses the power of rapid prototyping and agile design principles, enabling you to create top-notch design documentation in record time.

With our Accelerated Design Documentation service, we kickstart the process by swiftly developing functional prototypes that embody your software’s core features and user interface. This hands-on prototype allows you to visualize and experience the software’s potential early on, facilitating invaluable stakeholder feedback that steers the documentation process in the right direction. By adopting agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban, we break down the documentation journey into bite-sized tasks or user stories. This iterative framework ensures that your software’s design documentation evolves in tandem with your vision, and regular check-ins keep you well-informed about the progress.

At Lehner Digital, our team thrives on collaborative excellence. We bring together a skilled mix of designers, developers, and stakeholders who work harmoniously to prioritize requirements, make real-time design decisions, and adapt documentation as needed. Daily stand-up meetings and sprint reviews keep the lines of communication wide open, enabling swift resolutions to any design hurdles that may arise. Our Accelerated Design Documentation service is built on the foundation of delivering value incrementally and responding adeptly to evolving needs. This transformative approach not only accelerates the documentation process but ensures that your software’s design documentation is as dynamic and user-centric as the software itself.

Choose Lehner Digital’s Accelerated Design Documentation service and unlock a new era of efficiency, where rapid prototyping and agile design principles converge to provide you with unparalleled design documentation – all within the tightest timeframes. Experience the synergy of speed and quality, and journey confidently towards software success with Lehner Digital by your side.

UX Deliverables that we create:

User Experience 

  • User Research
  • Journey Maps
  • Information Architecture
  • Experience Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Interaction Design
  • Personas

User Interface Design

  • Design Systems
  • Visual Design
  • Typography
  • Page Layout Templates