In the past designers had to use text images to create page titles and paragraph headings to achieve their intended stylization. However, in recent years new tools have made this approach obsolete. The current tools available can give you the ability to use non-native fonts in your site by simply embedding an include link. Here is a list of options you should consider:


1. Cufon

2. TypeKit

3. Google Fonts

4. Typeface.js

5. sIFR

6. CSS 3


For a number of different reasons I would recommend using one of the first three. While each of three possess various pros and cons they will all yield optimal results, i.e. excellent rendering and fast browser load times. Cufon requires a little more effort than Google and TypeKit to install, but it is free and allows you to easily render the fonts you already own. TypeKit, delivers the easiest installation and provides a large library of Adobe fonts. However, you can only use two fonts for free at the unpaid account level.  Google Fonts is free but provide a smaller selection of fonts.