Measuring, understanding, and predicting.

In today’s age of digital, data is everywhere. And it’s an essential that it is leveraged to understand your customers, users, and measure the performance of your company’s projects. We use various data science competencies to deliver strategic insights that leads to optimal decision making and strategy formulation.

Predictive Analytics

The benefits of using have been well documented. Using an agile approach will create increased team collaboration, more effective communications, faster feedback cycles, greater adaptability to requirements changes, and less rework at project completion.

Machine Learning

When comparing projects that have used user experience vs. the projects that didn’t the difference in results is obvious. User Centered Design improves the experience by understanding the user’s needs, goals, and tasks. Once defined and validated these become user requirements that are integrated at every touch point of the application.

Data Visulization

Traditional user experience projects under the waterfall approach often take weeks before any design documentation is produced that can be shared with the team. The once feedback has been received, radical changes in direction require a significant amount of updates, which cascade across the design documentation. Using the lean UX approach, various hypothesis and concepts can be evaluated upfront where course adjustments are quick and easy to make.

Tools that we use:

  • R, Python
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • MySQL